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The Access Credit Card Turns 40 Years Old - October 2012

So you remember it? That iconic piece of Britain that was the Access credit card? But what happened to it? You could be forgiven for sometimes thinking that it is still with us. People will drop the term Access into conversation, and you might even see the old Access signs outside shops. The last time the author actually saw Access on something nearing an official payment slip, was a cashback refund application for a Nikon digital camera, which, in 2006, still offered the choice of a refund back to the purchaser's Visa or Access card!

There's lots to tell...but one thing is very important...Access as a credit card brand is now the intellectual property of MasterCard International Incorporated. This is reflected towards the bottom of every page of this website.

This website is the product of the author's interest in the subject, and contains collected adverts (both paper and TV), along with much of the history of the brand. Although the author did not actually work directly for Access, he did work for the company which acquired the credit card processor that 'Access' had become. Access itself, was always a brand of much pride in Southend-on-Sea. It felt homegrown, and home loved, as practically all of its processing and fulfilment was performed out of several sites in the town.


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