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Many items described or featured on this website are the trademark or intellectual property of third parties. For instance, the Access brand - when relating to credit cards - is a trademark of MasterCard International. Many of the older Access-related trademarks, however, have expired - like 'Flexible Friend' and 'Does You Does'. Up-to-date details of such trademark registrations can be found by consulting the UK government's Intellectual Property Office.

Copyright of this Website

I hold no stake to a lot of the textual or visual copyright on this site. Indeed, a lot of the content is derived from other sources. However, the compilation or creation of the overall structure and content of this site can be considered to be my work, and therefore no wholesale duplication is permitted without express prior permission.

Copyright 2023 - :: The Access credit card brand and various related imagery are trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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