The Access Credit Card Offices: Christopher Martin Road

Basildon Offices

In the 1980s, the main operational headquarters of Access/Signet/JCCC moved to Christopher Martin Road, Basildon. Having been vacated by Ilford Photographic in 1983, the site, on the corner of Gardiners Lane and Christopher Martin Road was large, and the building which was to become Basildon House was converted to office use.

Ilford Photographic Open Day - 12th June 1976 : Image by Bob Chaffee and supplied by Maurice Fisher

Site Footprint (1999 onwards)

Thanks to Google Earth, we are able to see how the site developed/disintegrated from 1999 onwards.

Christopher Martin Road site - 1999

Christopher Martin Road site - 2006

Christopher Martin Road site - 2008

Christopher Martin Road site - 2010

Christopher Martin Road site - 2011

Christopher Martin Road site - 2013

Main Building Videos

The unfortunately rather poor quality video below shows the demolition experts nibbling away at FD house!

Goodbye Signet/First Data House

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