Access Credit Card Paper Adverts: 1989 onwards


This page contains many adverts that have been collected from various sources. Some have been purchased as paper ephemera items, whilst many have been copied from digital scans of magazines. In particular, the scans listed below as TV Times adverts have been obtained cheekydog1 on ebay. His DVDs are well worth a look for any similar research.


One of the 'Access is more flexible" series of adverts - this is from the back of the 1989 Southend Airshow programme.

Barrel roll. Flexible role. Access is more flexible. (Advert from 1989 - Southend Airshow programme)

Smutty Access

The Access card even featured in one of the well known and loved 'Bamforth' postcards. This is postcard no. 382, from the "COMIC" series.

I don't care if you have got a ruddy Access card. It doesn't give you access to that!

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