The Access Credit Card: Other TV Adverts


The vikings are invading (with their Access cards). After a spending spree, they don sunglasses, and head off to California.

The Vikings


These two TV ads show very clearly that Access was not just Access - but three payment brands in one - namely Access, Eurocard and MasterCard.

1987 - Access Puts You in Control

1988 - Three Ways to Pay


Between 1988 and 1989, there was a series of TV ads, which played off of the older 'Flexible Friend' slogan, by portraying three scenarios where 'Access is more flexible'.

1988 - Cyril Smith

1989 - Atlas

1989 - Hula Dancers


In 1994, there were a couple of rather obscure adverts - well, they seem rather obscure by now. They feature two new animated characters. The first, is 'Head', voiced by Richard Wilson, and the second is 'Heart', voiced by Ade Edmondson.



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