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Some of the first Flexible Friend adverts. Traditionally drawn cartoons - the advertising agency was Geers Gross, the production company was Wyatt Cattaneo, and the art director was Wally Jex. The Access and Money adverts are probably the most well remembered, and best loved of the old Access adverts. Money was played by Peter Hawkins, who also created the voices of Bill and Ben, and the Daleks. He died on 8th July 2006, aged 82.

Shopping List

Out and About


The next video shows Cheque Book getting somewhat irate that he doesn't have Cheque Card with him. By the time Cheque Card arrived, the suit shop has closed!



The first video below was originally posted online by TV Ark. In this sketch we see Money checking out at the hotel, with the receptionist being played by Prunella "I kno-o-o-w" Scales. The second shows Money getting a shock at the price of a rail ticket - and of course, Access coming to help out. The art director on these 1982 videos was Andy Wakefield.


Ticket Office


In these TV ads from 1985, the advertising agency is still Geers Gross - but the production company has changed to Sky Films. The art director remains as Andy Wakefield. In the first advert, we see Access, Money, Cheque Book and Cheque Card at the petrol station. Needless to say, Access has just paid, as none of the others were quite up to the job! In the second advert we see Access, Money and Fat Wallet at the gym!


Fat Wallet


In this ad from 1986, the agency, production company and art director are as per 1985. The plot sees Access warning money about how restrictive and expensive store cards can be. Store Card is played by Mollie Sugden.



The first advert below is a classic. It shows Money calling 'Ticket' at the Booking Office. Money wants to book for tonight's show. Over the phone, Money's only option is to give Ticket Access' name and number. Ticket is voiced by Frankie Howerd, whilst the voiceover at the end is again spoken by Chris Tarrant.

The second video shows Access, Money, Fat Wallet and Travellers Cheque chilling out at a foreign hotel. They all want some refreshment, but you guessed it - Access is the only one who can come up with the goods! Fat Wallet got cleaned out hiring the car, whilst Traveller's Cheque needs to get changed before paying...he IS British, you know!! :) The voiceover at the end is Chris Tarrant.

I'm not sure of the exact dates of these videos, but it is possible to determine the sequence, as at the end, the second video doesn't have the pure white Access background to the lower part of the card.

Ticket For A Show



In 1995, the last ever Access adverts were screened. The first advert below stars Access, Money and Cheque Book. They are on a cross-channel ferry, and Money is proudly showing off his purchases to Access. Amongst other things, he's bought some skimpy underwear for his niece(!) Cheque Book is heaving over the side of the ferry - he doesn't travel well! Note that Access is now in his later green gradient guise, rather than the original green and white.

The second advert below sees Money taking Access out on the town to reminisce about all the good times together. He even treats him to a meal. Except - when the bill comes, Money realises he can't afford it. So Access pays!

These adverts retained Andy Wakefield as art director - but the agency company is now Publicis, and the production company is now Denis Russo Asso.

Sea Legs

Food for Thought

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